Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Boundaries For 3D Printing?

Presenting the first 3D-printed car.  That's right.  Car.  Bigger than amazing.

No Need For A "Border Wall"

They're not coming, they're going.  They've gotten the message.  When will the rest of us get the real message:  that we need immigrants?

You Can't Mock Elizabeth Warren!

One of many things I like about her:  she gives as good as she gets.  Here's an example.

A Big Step In The Right (Green) Direction

Half of all power plants built last year were "green." Amazing.

Let Them Eat Vouchers

That's what the GOP has to say to veterans, who overwhelmingly just want more doctors.  And veterans aren't happy about it.  You want more doctors?  Frankly, vote for Democrats.  It's the only way you'll get them.

And Yet Another Indictment Of "Third Way" Politics

Honestly, not much for me to disagree with here.  How about you?

Did The Clinton Years Create A "Lost Generation" Of Democrats?

Perhaps so.  Read this for a compelling argument in support of that thesis.

Way To Go, BDC!

They're giving the old Mayfair Theater a chance to live.

Six Practical Reasons To Save Old Buildings

From the experts at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Elizabeth Drew Is Right

Bush could have done something that might have stopped 9/11.  And didn't.

Give It Back To Marvel, Fox

If Marvel can take a C-list character (albeit a favorite of mine) like "Ant-Man" and turn it into a hit, think of what it could do with "Fantastic Four" if they could get the rights back from Fox.  Lord knows Fox doesn't know what to do with them.

America's First Offshore Wind Farm

Take a look.

Ben Carson Thinks He Knows What The Bible Says About Taxes

He's wrong, of course.  This helps to explain why.  But both Carson and the Slate author should take a look at this.

I Agree, Nicole

We should indeed have rebuilt the Twin Towers.  In many ways, it would have been the best revenge.

Can't Believe I'm Typing This, But You're Right, Rand Paul

And not extremely right, either, when it comes to Palestinian refugees.